Luminous beings we are.  Not this crude matter. - Yoda

We want to believe it. We read the words and it makes us feel something. We post it beside all the other sticky notes hoping to make the feeling last a little longer.

But the feeling lasts about as long as ice-cubes in water on a hot day. 

We read the words, do the breathing exercises, stretch, buy organic, think the good thoughts and yet by the end of the day all that's left of that spark is the yellow color of that sticky note. It's been smothered... put out. The culprit isn't out there.

If you believe you haven't 'made-it' yet your subscribing to the wrong paradigm.

So stop.

Stop buying into rules to a game you've already won by virtue of being born. Stop the blame-game. Stop pointing fingers at big-business and lack of time. The culprit isn't out there.

So stop.

Stop fearing, denying and the hoarding your gift which by definition is meant to be given.

"We can't change the world unless we change ourselves." -Notorious B.I.G







Which is nothing short of luminous.

What if you could wipe the slate clean and free-write your future? Throw out the rules and create your own.

What if peer-pressure took on a whole new meaning?

What if your business excelled because you did only what you were excellent at and only that? 

What if your brand wasn't built on empty symbols but was the true, real, you.

What would happen if your mission statement mirrored your life's calling?

How would it feel to spend more time being and less time doing?

You would have passion and profit. You would be on the conscious- hustle. 

You would have a soul-powered endeavour with connection. Abundance. Heart. 


Let me show you how.





Hi! I'm Frankie.

People say I was born to be a teacher.  I've got a green thumb and plenty of ideas.  My very first word was 'why?'  You can see how that combination can create an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a need to know how things work from the ground up. 

Whether it was business school, running my own business as a photographer and stylist or teaching Yoga, I love learning the latest techniques.  I like to think of myself as a 'perpetual- student.'  What I know, I teach to others.  My methods range from the systematic like goal setting to the sublime like Yoga.  I let my interests innovate how and what I teach but the themes are always based around my core values:

Pursue Growth and Learning
Give Value, Receive Abundance



Certified to Teach. Equipped to Thrive: The Yogi's Guide to Cashing in without Selling Out was written to help the freshly-trained Yoga teachers of today bridge the gap between being an educator and being an entrepreneur.  Profit is a function of passion, cash and conscious endeavours do go hand in had, but first we need to have a change of perspective: Branding is not synonymous with dishonesty, deadlines are not synonymous with having no life outside of work and we can do what we love and make an excellent living

Inspired largely by what she believes are blind spots in teacher trainings, this eBook will show you how to:

  • Communicate your strengths in a persuasive manner

  • Debunk business misconceptions

  • Use traditional techniques in branding,  social media, cyclical goal setting with a modern, conscientious twist

  • Bridge the gap being a passionate educator and a profitable entrepreneur


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