Certified to Teach: Equipped to Thrive

The Yogi's Guide to Cashing in without Selling Out.

     Hi, I'm Frankie!

The people who know me best would undoubtedly say one of these three things:  I'm stubborn, annoyingly curious and a natural teacher...


Whether it was business school at Capilano University in Vancouver B.C, running my own business as freelance Photographer and Stylist,  teaching Yoga to most recently- writing my very first E-Book, my natural ability as a leader, my curiosity and my stubborn streak have served me in ways I can't even explain.  Embracing my traits, embracing who I truly am has proven to be my secret weapon.

I'm 100% a student at heart.  I travel annually to India to spend months at a time learning about Yoga and the wellness practices of Ayurveda.  I have recently moved to a remote, off-grid community in Jasper A.B to learn the ways of nature and to explore the nature of my self.  Going to the source of whatever I am learning is the only way I can really immerse and embody the teachings.  What I come to learn, I teach.  With 10 years experience, my teaching methods range from the systematic like: Product development, Marketing and Creative- Consulting to the sublime like Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation.  

My other secret? I let my interests + intuition innovate what I study and teach.  While trusting that my core values will keep me anchored:

Pursue Growth and Learning
Give Value, Receive Abundance 



My latest Project...


Certified to Teach. Equipped to Thrive: The Yogi's Guide to Cashing in without Selling Out was written to help the freshly-trained Yoga teachers of today bridge the gap between being an educator and being an entrepreneur.  Profit is a function of passion, cash and conscious endeavours do go hand in had, but first we need to have a change of perspective: Branding is not synonymous with dishonesty, deadlines are not synonymous with having no life outside of work and we can do what we love and make an excellent living.  

Inspired largely by what she believes are blind spots in teacher trainings, this Ebook will show you how to:

  • Identify your traits and your 'secret- weapon.'

  • Communicate your strengths and vision with calm and confidence.

  • Debunk business misconceptions and myths.

  • Integrate traditional techniques in branding,  social media, cyclical goal setting into your lifestyle

  • Bridge the gap being a passionate educator and a profitable entrepreneur.

No more manifesting block. You’re so right! I have to DO the WORK. Thank you sister. It’s feels special to have the opportunity to receive your guidance and friendship. You’re rad.
— Karoline Dania, Yoga & Movement Teacher
You have motivated me, and it is exceptionally helpful at this time in my life... I have lots of things that I want to focus my energy on, however your workshop and book really highlighted a path that might be right for me at this time.
— Marisa, Owner and co- Creator of YOGABODSFIT